Akshara’s Alumni

Our Alumni’s Mission

Our mission is to unite all the alumni of Akshara International School and provide a forum for exchange of knowledge and expertise

in their respective fields, sharing of talents and ideas for the betterment of the institution. We recognise that AIS alumni are connected by their experiences of going to school and growing up here. We value the sense of tradition and pride that our alumni share. We aim to ensure that all the students of this institution shine in their chosen career paths, and further the reputation of the school with their work after school. Our vision is to preserve and celebrate the rich heritage and traditions that were inculcated in our students during their experience at Akshara. To support and promote Akshara international school’s vitality in its present social and education context and to serve as a communications link for alumni, now and into the future.

What do we do?

The Akshara alumni provides opportunities for alumni to connect with each other . We encourage alumni engagement through our newsletters , website ,social media , activities and events and we recognise and celebrate the great things that Akshara alumni are doing as life long learners and leaders. The Association also aims to conduct workshops, seminars, and other academic activities that will benefit present students in their future ventures. The Association strives to provide educational content in the form of articles and newsletters in the official school magazine. We aspire to assist all students in understanding and chalking out the best career path for them, and help them reach and surpass their potential. We hope to bring about a sense of unity and purpose amongst the alumni in order to ensure the welfare of themselves, the institution and all the associated staff and students.

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