Scope of Metallurgy and Material Engineering

I am Shuvannita Dey, a 2nd year student of the Indian Institute Of Engineering Science And Technology, Shibpur (formerly named BE College, Shibpur). I am currently studying Metallurgy and Material Engineering. It is a 4 year Bachelor of Technology course like the other engineering courses.

This branch of engineering generally focuses on the physical and chemical behaviour of metallic elements, intermetallic compounds and different kinds of alloys. This engineering deals with all type of metal related areas. The course covers hydrometallurgy, mechanical metallurgy, heat treatment of steels, welding metallurgy and many more. Besides the basics of engineering, the program also provides students with the knowledge of designing, manufacturing and production of various metal products starting from cars and bikes to buildings and planes.

There are a lot of opportunities and scope of development in this field. It is one of the best fields if one is interested in research works. Job offers and recruitments in this field are generally from all the core companies. We convert the earth’s minerals and resources into advanced alloys used in surgical implants, computer chips, superconductors, automobiles, and aircraft. The different advanced alloys are used by NASA and ISRO in space stations, shuttles, and the Mars Rover.   It focuses on sustainable design, recycling existing materials and engineering new recyclable materials that function in an environmentally responsible way.

Some Notable alumni are B. Muthuraman, the ex- Vice Chairman of Tata Steel and Sundar Pichai, chief executive officer of Google LLC.

Metallurgical Engineering also has scope in defense, aviation, and nano-science. Developments are being done in metal extraction processes, production, and processing technology. Material development remains at the forefront of all technological innovation. Microalloyed steels with the addition of Ti, NB, Bi, Se, Ultra low carbon steels (ULCA), for high formability. Maraging steels are some of the product development in steels.

There are a lot of developments taking place in Metallurgy and Material Science in the recent years and it is definitely a good branch to opt for.

Shuvannita Dey


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