Sitting in library of Durham University in UK, I often reminisce my student life and how teachers at Akshara groomed me for challenges in life.

The small class size of 20 ensured a strong bonding between students and teachers. I shared a personal rapport with each teacher. The International teaching experience of my English teacher, Sonika Ma’am made each English teaching session go beyond the text books into discussions on global issues and current topics. She gradually opened us up to critical and original thinking and how to present our viewpoints. We were encouraged to read classics and they got discussed in class. Thus gradually most of us got hooked on reading and “Kindle” became an integral part of our lives.

 The Social Science classes with Panchtapa Ma’am were so much fun. I found an adroit teacher and a compassionate counsellor in her. She helped us handle not only exam pressure but also adolescence issues. I think batch after batch remembers her strictness and the ‘holes she leaves in our hearts’.

 As I crumble on the basketball court here at Durham sometimes, I can distinctly hear the voice of my sports teacher Sujata Ma’am at Akshara cajoling me from the sidelines. She instilled in me the spirit of hard work, preparation and team spirit.

Thank you my dearest teachers for  creating in  Akshara –‘ a learning space’ – ‘where there is a zest to learn,  hunger to achieve , room for making mistakes  and capability to handle success and failure with dignity and pride’. Today when I compete for grades with the ‘World’s Best’ at my law school, my heart gets filled with gratitude to my teachers at Akshara for shaping me up for this career.

Vedika Rathore
University of Durham, UK
Alumni, Akshara International School



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