Growing up

Each child, is born with eyes as big as outer space, so they can see the first blurry lines of the world – in all its colourful splendour. There are as many rainbows as there are pinks, yellows, or greys. And the blue-sky merges somewhere with the strange tunic the tender arms holding him for the first time are encased in.

And as the child grows, the blurry lines become distinct, and all the squiggles become prominent, one thing leads to the other, and nothing is very much by itself. And the child grows some more, and the squiggles start looking much straighter, and anything out of line, is forced right into the grid, and yes, a spine or two breaks in the process. The colours start looking a lot less vivid, and everything seems to be distinct, there are shapes. And strangely, a plethora of circles creep into the mind… He begins with things and comes right back at the beginning after going about for a while. Thoughts become strange and convoluted, and those threads don’t quite fit into the latitudes and longitudes of the world.

And, the child grows some more, and starts reading between the lines, not exactly, because, the lines start fading in his eyes. All the squiggly lines return, as another child, his own asks the same questions he had once upon a time. And the colours suddenly become so bright they hurt the eyes, because somewhere in all this growing up, they’d faded to a grey.

And the child, now has his name engraved in stone, and you can be sure, that he saw the world as blurry lines, and new colours – in the end. The myopic eyes, took off the spectacles they’d grown used to while doing all the growing up, and set them aside, to yet again, look at the world, with those eyes, as big as outer space.

Aanya Kaipa, Aksharite , Batch 2016
MIT-ID, Loni. Product Design.


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